Interdisciplinary Conversations

February 08, 2024

A transcript for the conversation that took place over Zoom on 10 March 2022 between our very own Karen Van Dyck and Souleymane Bachir Diagne (Depts. of French and Philosophy) is available to read. The discussed centered around Van Dyck's  ‘Migration, Translingualism, Translation’ and Diagne’s ‘Cultural Mediation, Colonialism and Politics: Colonial Truchement, Postcolonial Translator’. Both pieces point towards the need for a kind of translator and interpreter who is able to read context, who can look beyond the immediate text and situation to assess what is at stake, and then act upon their reading and their interpretation, exhibiting agency. Both authors offer a vision of translation and interpreting as an opportunity to rebalance a power dynamic. The transcript of the Zoom conversation has been edited and extended.

The transcript can be found here