Special Concentration/Minor in Modern Greek

Special Concentration in Modern Greek

The courses in the Hellenic Studies program are designed to develop the student’s proficiency in aspects of Modern Greek culture, language, and history. The minimum credit requirement for the Hellenic Studies Concentration is 21 credits and includes:

1. Modern Greek language and culture courses (Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced, Cultural Dictionary I & II, Readings in Modern Greek; minimum 8 credits). Students will work with undergraduate advisor to determine their level of the language.

 2. Modern Greek Studies interdepartmental courses (CLGM, CSGM, HSGM; minimum 12 credits).  The program of study should be planned as early as possible with the Director of Undergraduate Studies. Students meet with the Director of Undergraduate Studies each semester in order to obtain program approval. Opportunities exist for study abroad in Greece, Cyprus and Turkey for the summer or an academic term for credit. Students work closely with the concentration advisor on the selection of the foreign schools and the transfer of credit.

Students may also wish to write a Senior Thesis which will substitute one Modern Greek Studies interdepartmental seminar. While not required for graduation, the thesis enables a student to be considered for departmental honors. It is advisable to begin planning for the thesis during the student’s junior year. Interested students should identify a potential faculty advisor.

Minor in Modern Greek

The Minor in Modern Greek requires five courses above the elementary level (i.e. above GRKM 1102).

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