Dimitrios Antoniou


Dimitris Antoniou (D.Phil., University of Oxford, 2011) studied theology at the University of Athens, anthropology at Princeton, and oriental studies at Oxford. Before joining the Program in Hellenic Studies, he was Faculty Research Fellow at Oxford, Hannah Seeger Davis Fellow at Princeton, and National Bank of Greece Fellow at LSE. 

His research draws on anthropological and historical approaches to examine state operation and the making of public history in Greece. In particular, Dimitris studies unrealized government initiatives and failed architectural projects.  His monograph, The Mosque That Wasn’t There: Islam and the Politics of Imagination in Contemporary Greece (forthcoming, University of Pennsylvania Press), explores the state’s failure to construct a mosque. Recent articles examine spatial absence and encounters with the unthinkable in the scholarly investigations of Greece’s dictatorial past. Dimitris is curator of the Columbia University Libraries special collection Greek Underground Press.

Research Interests

History and anthropology of Modern Greece
State operation
Political imagination
Architecture and public space
Classical reception in authoritarian regimes
Greek film
Museum ethnography and curatorial studies


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book cover image: "Archive Crisis Shaking Up the Shelves of History : a Visual Essay on Media Archives from the Recent Political Past of Greece"

“Crisis, History, Complicity.”

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Dimitrios Antoniou