Academic Year 2016-17

Faculty News
Academic Year 2016/2017

Karen Van Dyck expanded the Thessaloniki study abroad initiative through Columbia’s Global Centers in Istanbul and Paris and developed a training program for teachers of Greek with the Cathedral School. She brought a variety of speakers to campus and consulted on radio shows for the BBC and CBC in response to the economic and political crisis, including a five-part series on Greek Writers (Varoufakis, Markeris, Kapllani, Papandreou, Mastoraki). As a Fulbright senior specialist, she gave lectures at the Athens School of the Arts, the University of Patras and the American School of Classical Study (June and December, 2012) and coordinated the program Found in Translation. She presented a section of her book-in-progress A Different Alphabet: Multilingual Literature, Translation, and the Greek Diaspora at the Princeton Translation Seminar with the title “Translating the Foreign Accent of the Immigrant" (November, 2012).  She is also editing an anthology of new Greek poetry in translation (Zephyr) and a collection of short stories by Ioulia Persaki (Nea Estia).Karen Van Dyck's translations of the poetry of Jenny Mastoraki featured on CBC broadcast series "Greece: The Unfolding Drama" with Eleanor Wachtel:

Stathis Gourgouris retired from his position of Director of the Institute for Comparative Literature and Society after 6 years of service and spent the academic year on sabbatical leave. During this time, he finished two books: The Perils of the One: Lessons in Secular Criticism II, which he submitted to Harvard University Press, and Ενδεχομένως Αταξίες [Contingent Disorders], a collection of essays on poetics and politics in Greek, written over a period of 25 years including a number of previously unpublished works, which is due for publication in September 2016 by Nissos Publishers in Athens.

He also published the following essays: “maskSILENCEsilenceMASKS, or A Condition of Utmost Listening” in South As A State of Mind 7 (the essay was commissioned by documenta 14); “Musical Dis-Possessions” in Conflicting Humanities, Rosi Braidotti and Paul Gilroy eds.(London: Bloomsbury Academic, 2016); “Political Theology as Monarchical Thought” in Constellations 23:2 (this was the text of the Annual Constellations Lecture, 2015); “Dream-Work of Dispossession: The Instance of Elia Suleiman” in the Journal of Palestine Studies 176; and “Humanism, Human-Being, Human/Animal” in the Indian journal Anekaant: A Journal in Polysemic Thought 3.

In terms of  journalism and public media work, he published the much discussed “The SYRIZA Problem: Radical Democracy and Left Governmentality in Greece” in the online journal Open Democracy on August 6, 2015 (,which was translated into French and published in the collection Écrits sur la Grèce: Points de vue européens, Dominique Grozat, Elisabeth Gauthier eds. (Paris: Éditions du croquant, 2015), and was interviewed in two film projects: The Birdcage, a documentary piece by Lindsey Aliksanyan & Manos Cizek on the question of “How do economics affect politics and what consequence does this have for the future of democracy?” and a documentary by Christos Petrou on the pioneering composer and poet Lena Platonos. He also translated Lena Platonos’ poetry for the American reissue of the seminal Sun Masks (Lyra, 1984; reissued by Dark Entries Records, 2016). In addition, translations of his own poetry were published in the collection Austerity Measures: The New Greek Poetry, Karen Van Dyck ed. (London: Penguin, 2016).

Finally, he gave a number of international lectures on his current research (University of Kent, University of Pisa, Collège Internationale de la Philosophie in Paris, Uppsala University, London School of Economics), as well as the Thomas E. Leontis Memorial Lecture, Ohio State University, on “Culture in Times of Crisis, Crisis as Culture”. Moreover, he was part of the ICLS team that fielded Columbia University’s successful application for the Mellon Foundation Sawyer Seminar Grant on “Global Language Justice” and he was appointed by the Greek Ministry of Education to the Governing Board of Directors of the Hellenic International University.