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Academic Year 2017/2018

International Cavafy Summer School 2017

Stathis Gourgouris, Professor of Classics, English, and Comparative Literature & Society and Acting Director of the Program in Hellenic Studies, participated as Co-Director at the International Cavafy Summer School 2017 in Athens, Greece with Dimitris Papanicolaou (Oxford University) and PhD student Margaret Scarborough (Italian/ICLS), chosen along with 16 other graduate students from various universities worldwide.

For more information, please see the video International Cavafy Summer School.

The London Hellenic Prize
The London Hellenic Society has awarded this annual Prize of £10,000 since 1996 to original works written in (or translated into) English on subjects relating to or inspired by Greece. The Prize considers the full spectrum of writing, including archaeology, architecture, art, classics, history, literary criticism, religion, social studies, as well as fiction. Winners invariably appeal to a broad readership.

The winner of the 2016 Prize is Karen Van Dyck for Austerity Measures: The New Greek Poetry published by Penguin UK and NYRB USA

Our winning book is a beautifully and thoughtfully produced anthology of contemporary Greek poetry, printed with both the Greek and English versions on adjacent pages. This is a revelatory volume: refreshing, young, relevant, political, lyrical, comic. It speaks both to the Greek crisis and also to life beyond the crisis. As Karen Van Dyck, the editor, says in her introduction to the volume, “When there is less to go around, people fight, grab, get tough... But poetry, though, is one thing there is more of. Much more”. Van Dyck meticulously researched and collected poems not only from mainstream publishers in Athens and Thessaloniki but also from marginal literary journals, blogs, underground performance and graffiti poetry, from Greek expats abroad and from non- Greek immigrants or refugees in Greece. The result is an excitingly diverse, vibrant and grittily optimistic collection which shows the dynamism of Greece both despite and because of the crisis. 

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