• Neni Panourgia

    Adjunct Associate Professor of Classics; Fellow, Institute for Comparative Literature and Society; 2013-2014 Visiting Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology, New School for Social Research
    Classics, ICLS
    ICLS Heyman Center; Classics, 617 Hamilton Hall, New York NY 10027


    Ph.D. 1992 Indiana University (Anthropology, Turkish Studies). Neni Panourgia is a Visiting Associate Professor of Anthropology at the New School for Social Research. She is also an Adjunct Associate Professor in Classics and a Fellow at the Institute for Comparative Literature and Society (ICLS) at Columbia University. In January 2013 she became Co-Editor (Social Sciences) for the Journal of Modern Greek Studies. Professor Panourgia is the author of numerous publications, including Fragments of Death, Fables of Identity: An Athenian Anthropography (University of Wisconsin Press, 1995) and Dangerous Citizens: The Greek Left and the Terror of the State (Fordham University Press, 2008). Dangerous Citizens: The Greek Left and the Terror of the State, received the 2011 Edmund Keeley Prize of the Modern Greek Studies Association, the 2011 Victor Turner Prize for Ethnographic Writing of the American Anthropological Association, and an Honorable Mention for the 2009 PROSE Award, and is also forthcoming in Greek translation by Editions Kastaniotis. She co-edited with George Marcus the volume Ethnographica Moralia: Experiments in Interpretative Anthropology (Fordham University Press, 2008).